Lost love, persistent reality
and an imaginary friend with a missing heart.

The love of his life has exited in a whirlwind of "I never loved you" spoken at the worst possible moment. Now Paul gallantly attempts to avoid all that's wrong in his life despite the best efforts of his friend Jelyane to help. But when his childhood imaginary friend, Edward, returns, Paul can no longer ignore reality.

Frayed Ends is a four issue semi-autobiographical tale, written and illustrated by award-winning designer Jason Brightman. All four issues are available in our store. You can see art and lean more about the series in the Preview section.

Patrick Neighly's THE PAPER CURTIAN column at newsarama.com has an interview with me this week! The focus is how Frayed Ends fits into the wider comic book market place and how it seems to straddle the gap between Drawn & Quarterly and DC.

There is a NEW review of Frayed Ends #1-4 by Ryan McLelland at Newsarama.com called "Rooting Through SPX Booty!" And Paul is on the home page as the graphic for the article!


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